Digital Transfer Service

CD, DVD, Memory Card and Mobile Device

Up to 700Mb on disc or USB*$10.00
4GB on disc or USB*$20.00
8GB on USB* $30.00
16GB on USB* $45.00
32GB on USB* $60.00
64GB on USB* $80.00
128GB on USB* $110.00

VHS, 8MM VHS-C & Mini DV to DVD or USB*

Discounts apply with 5 or more tapes in the one order

Up to 1 Hour$40
Per Hour There After $25

8mm Movie Film to DVD or USB*

Discounts apply for large quantities in the one order

First 50ft $50
Every 50ft There After $10

Media Recovery to USB*

Recover Media from Memory cards and USB

Setup charge $30 plus $5 per Gigabyte

No recovery no charge

* USB at an additional cost or supplied by the customer

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